Feb 15

Serving Raspberry Pi in Nicaragua

A trip to Nicaragua in December gave me an opportunity to visit a number of Christian schools that are part of the ACCEN (Association of Evangelical Christian Education Centers of Nicaragua). I traveled with a former student, Dave Stienstra, who is currently a partner missionary with CRWM (Christian Reformed World Missions) working with computers at Nicaragua Christian Academy. At each of the schools I visited, I immediately asked to see the computer facilities. I was curious to see how Christian school teachers in Nicaragua were doing when it came to computing and education.

Read about my trip and how we introduced a local group of teachers to a nifty new, little computer called the Raspberry Pi:


The article is also posted along with some more photos on the EduDeo blog at:



Derek with a group of teachers showing off the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi (next to a pencil for scale)

The Raspberry Pi (next to a pencil for scale)


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