Apr 15

Future Plans

Some of you may be aware that my employment situation recently changed and my family and I were facing a period of uncertainty. I wrote about this in an article titled Facing Change in a recent CC article. In this article I mentioned that my wife and I were planning to take some time away to pray and discern our next steps.

During our time away we came to the conclusion that we should explore getting away for a year. Upon our return, there was a message waiting from Dordt College
inviting us to explore spending a year there. Needless to say, we are now headed to Dordt College for a year.

My wife, daughter and I will travelling to Sioux Center this summer where I will be a visiting associate professor of Computer Science at Dordt for the 2015/2016 academic year. I am looking forward to my time away and the opportunity to collaborate with some of the folks at Dordt. We plan to return to Redeemer in the fall of 2016, at which time I will help launch a new program at Redeemer in Information Systems. To read more, see the official announcement which has been posted on Redeemer’s website.

We are thankful to God for the opportunity to continue working in Christian higher education and for the many encouraging words and notes we have received throughout these past few months. We have felt discombobulated at times, and things have not been easy, but God is good.

Stay tuned over the next year – I hope to post many updates to my blog from the Iowa plains…

Dordt tweet

Twitter exchange with Dordt.


The Schuurmans visit Dordt in 2009.



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